On April 26, 2016 forty-six community stakeholders & leaders gathered at the St. Joseph’s Mother House for a full day action planning session for the Nipissing and Area Food Charter. ┬áParticipants included representatives from: community/social service agencies, farms, farming associations, markets, gardens, local businesses, municipal government, schools, colleges, school boards, libraries, funders, and the general public. As a result of a productive, jam-packed day, a Nipissing and Area Food Charter Action Plan was developed and from that our Food Roundtable was born!

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 The Roundtable has had their first meeting as a group and have agreed upon a focus of five key areas.

These areas include:

cool ideas on celebrating your 13th birthday (1)

Within ┬áthose key action areas, there’s different potential activities and collaborations for Roundtable members to carry out to promote positive change in our community.